Advanced EOS features

Native support of EOS blockchain makes Paytomat wallet an indispensable tool of coin management. Create an account, buy or sell RAM, reserve CPU and network resources right from the app.

Pay via mQR

Don’t be a hostage to blockchain confirmations. Support of the mQR technology (the unified merchant QR for paying without any additional POS or software) allows you to make purchases across Paytomat network in mere seconds.

Token-friendly wallet

Paytomat wallet represents all popular ERC-20 and EOS tokens, and enables adding custom ones as well. Any ICO investor can store and monitor all their assets directly in their smartphone.

Non-custodial wallet

Paytomat doesn't hold private keys of its customers allowing to be your own bank with no limits

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About us

Paytomat Wallet is a part of Paytomat ecosystem – a set of blockchain software solutions that enable local stores and online merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. We’re bridging the blockchain ecosystem with retail. Over 300+ merchants from different business sectors have joined Paytomat’s platform and are successfully working with it.